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My Boys-Mother's Day: 2018

What can I say about my boys that hasn't already been said by a mother with boys?

Michael: As my 1st born child, you saved me. My train-wreck of a life, spinning out of control came to a halt the minute I found out I was pregnant. YOU are the reason I had to get clean and sober. I am so thankful that God gave me you when he did. You were such an easy, complacent baby. And as you grow, I see your determination and drive to make anything that you do a success. You WILL NOT FAIL. You won't accept failure as part of your life, and that makes me so proud.

Maddox: My baby boy. No matter what label they put on him, Autistic, ADHD, Learning Disabled, etc. etc. it doesn't matter. He has taught me so much about being a mother to someone who needs unconditional love and understanding. For all the times that I've yelled MADDOX HOLDEN in frustration, there are 5x more instances that I am overwhelmed with such gratitude that God has placed you with me.

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