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My Girls-Mother's Day: 2018

There is so much you can say about girls and their mothers.

Hailey: You were my 1st little girl that God blessed me with and I enjoyed every moment of dressing you in pink and showing you off! As you grow, I see how no nonsense you are and how you won't put up with any crap from anyone! You are strong-headed and let your voice be heard! It makes so so proud that you are a strong woman who is certain in her life choices and is determined to make it work the right way for you!

Sofia: My baby. The baby I thought I would never have. I prayed and prayed for you and God gave you to me. You are so very dear to me. You are the kindest soul to everyone you meet and do not have one bad bone in your body. You are very opinionated, but gentle in your words and for that I am proud. I am certain as you grow, the choices you make will attract only good people to you that will help you fulfill your dreams!

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