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Life is about moving on & growing

It has taken me many, many years to come to this revelation in my life. Many small little things have given me the opportunities to see what is staring right at me. Inspirational quotations like "You are not a tree, if you don't like something, MOVE", "You can be the change you see in the world" and others like it.

This past weekend was the Thanksgiving holiday here in Canada. And although my original plan was to take my 2 oldest children back to Saskatchewan to visit family, that didn't pan out the way I had previously wanted. But I didn't get upset, although disappointed, I instead had a grand time at home with my 4 children, my Father-in-Law and many friends who came for dinner. I revelled in the fact that it does not happen very often for me that I have all 4 of my children home for a big family meal and visit. So while I didn't get to visit my extended family, I will cherish the moments that I had all of my kids home together along with friends for this holiday.

Over the course of the past few years, my life has changed drastically and my view on the life/work/family balance has changed drastically as well. I no longer stress about trying to do everything I can and please everyone. While I've always known that I cannot make everyone happy, I've always strived to do my very best to try. And in many instances, that turned me bitter and disappointed, making me angry and not able to give the very best of what I can to those who need me and count on me. I was wasting my 'good energy' on those people who didn't need it or deserve it and by the time I had to tend to those loved ones and friends who count on me, I was spent. Which isn't fair to them at all. This change didn't happen overnight and I'm still working on that 'balance', but I am a lot better than I used to be. And I will continue to strive to be the very best for the people I love and who need and count on me most.

Little things do matter. Especially when you look back and realize that a bunch of little things add up to a big thing. One of those 'little things' is what my Mother-in-Law used to do. Every family gathering she would make an old Italian Fry Bread recipe (Zeppole) for her family. It is delicious! You make the dough with raisins, let it rise, then fry it up and coat it in sugar! It's divine! And if there was ever a way to 'taste a person's personality' this would be it for my Mother-in-Law. My husband lost his mother 2 years ago in a car accident and since she is no longer around I try my best to make Zeppole at least a couple times a year when we have friends/family over to enjoy this old tradition that he grew up with.

And I realized something as well lately, you do not have to wait to start over. You can start over today, tomorrow or next week. Do not wait until it is too late! Each day is a gift and you can choose how to approach it. And if it doesn't go your way and your day ends up being absolutely horrendous, go to bed! You can go to sleep and start over tomorrow! It may sound a little cliche, but things usually do look/seem better the next day after you sleep. You are rested and have more energy to tackle the problems of tomorrow. Sleep refreshes the mind and body, be sure to use it to your advantage!

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